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The Pollution Committee Board has been established as a regulatory authority for implementing various pollution control laws. The Committee is committed to provide pollution free environment to the people of state. The Committee has undertaken various studies of underground water, solid and air to take remedial steps to control pollution.

   Frequently Asked Questions:-
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Ques:What are the laws enforced by of the Pollution Control Boards ?
Ques:Which industry needs Consent/permission of PPCC?
Ques:What are the types of consent?
Ques:Is there any prescribed form for that? If yes, where can I get it?
Ques: What are the fees applicable and where and how it should be paid?
Ques: What are the restrictions on setting of any Industry in Puducherry?
Ques: Where shall I register my complaint about noise pollution, automobile exhaust, smell, nuisance, mangrove cutting etc?
Ques:What is the vision of the PPCC towards futuristic approach?
Ques: What role does PPCC play in pollution control ?
Ques: Is PPCCs role merely that of a regulator? Or does it play a facilitator's role also
Ques: How is PPCC connected to State Govt., CPCB and MoEF ?
Ques:What are the environmental and pollution related clearances required to set up and start an industrial unit ?
Ques:Is PPCC's role confined to regulate industrial pollution only ?
Ques:What are the different programes/activities implemented through Puducherry Pollution Control Committee?
Ques:What are the measures for control of noise pollution?
Ques:What steps have been taken to control noise pollution due to fire crackers?
Ques:What steps have been taken to control noise pollution due to loud-speakers?
Ques:What steps have been taken to control noise pollution from generator sets?
Ques:What are the 17 Categories of the major polluting industries?
Ques:What are the sources of fund for the Central and State Pollution Control Boards ?
Ques:What are the enforcement powers vesting in PPCC ?
Ques:Can a citizen take recourse to court action against a polluting unit?
Ques: Where does one can complaint against a polluting unit ?
Ques:What are the responsibilities of polluting industry to prevent and control pollution ?
Ques:Is pollution a necessary price that we have to pay for achieving development ?
Ques:What is the concept of sustainable development ?
Ques:What is the role of PPCC in securing sustainable development ?
Ques:What is the role of PPCC in securing sustainable development ?
Ques:Is PPCC the only authority to control pollution ?
Ques:What can a citizen do to prevent and control pollution ?
Ques:What is the purpose behind laying down standards for pollution control?
Ques:Who prescribes the standards for pollution control?
Ques:What are the parameters for which standards are prescribed?
Ques:What is meant by "End of the pipe treatment"?
Ques:What is the alternative to end of the pipeline approach?
Ques:Is it possible to prevent generation of waste by industries?
Ques:What are the methods in practice for waste reduction, recycling and reuse?
Ques:Are small units exempted from the regulations pertaining to pollution control?
Ques:How important is the development of common facilities for waste treatment and disposal.
Ques:What are the important common waste treatment facilities in Puducherry?
Ques:How can one make use of common waste treatment facility in the State?
Ques:What exactly is meant by monitoring of the industrial unit ?
Ques:What are the control mechanism developed in PPCC in order to ensure that polluting units are really complying with the regulation ?
Ques:What exactly is the object of PPCC's Charter for Good Governance ?
Ques:Is PPCC 'Pro Industry' , 'Anti Industry" or something else ?
Ques:What is the set up in PPCC for attending to the complaints and for redressal of grievances ?
Ques:Can one approach the Regional Offices for informing about violation of laws and illegal dumping of wastes ?
Ques:What is the role of Municipalities and Municipal Corporations in preventing and controlling pollution ?
Ques:How does PPCC ensure that Municipalities are discharging their role about pollution control ?
Ques:What is the strength of Technical and Scientific personnel in PPCC?
Ques:Has PPCC any plan to involve people in better control of pollution?
Ques:If somebody wants to associate himself with PPCC for pollution control, which is the contact point?
Ques:For reference purpose, can people access PPCC Library/Website?
Ques:Will PPCC officers be available for meaningful inter-action about pollution control matters?
Ques:Does PPCC order compensation for any damage due to pollution ?
Ques:What is the policy of PPCC with regard to plastic bags ?
Ques:What are the appeal provisions available in rejection cases ?
Ques:What can be done with regard to polluting vehicles ?
Ques:Is it permissible to send reusable hazardous waste for reuse in other States?
Ques:Has PPCC fixed any time limit for clearance of cases?
Ques:Is there any provision for fast track clearances by PPCC?
Ques:What are the incentives offered to the industrial unit going in for "ISO 14001" ?